Thursday, July 31, 2014

Turning Twenty Three

Happy Thursday, friends !
Today is a little more exciting for me because it's my birthday!!
Today I turn 23 !!!

Twenty-three isn't one of those ages that is super exciting to me. Nothing monumental happens when you turn twenty three. To me it's one of those "in between" ages. Which, I guess is quite fitting for me. I am a college graduate and young professional still in my early twenties, yet I haven't quite hit the mid-twenties and don't really seem like an adult (even though I clearly am). I'm just "in between." Although this age isn't big in the sense that it permits me to do something new, I am so looking forward to what my twenty third year brings!! Twenty three is starting off with great family, friends, and a wonderful boyfriend! What could be better?!

To do something 'special' on this 'special' day, I decided to go to the top floors of Montparnasse Tower - Paris highest building, a fantastic view of the whole city! From the 56th and 59th observation floors, we can discover Parisian most outstanding monuments and all the landmarks which show you a different perspective. A must-visit !

Dress : Isabel Marant √Čtoile || Clutch : Shut up and Dress up || Sandals : Zara || Sunglasses : Miu Miu

Thursday, July 3, 2014

The Great Escape

I happened to see this picture on the Internet which inspired me to add clouds to my lastest photos. When I first published them on my facebook, people asked me what project I was working on. The answer is NONE. We usually 'NEED' a reason to do something. I think we (or me at least) really have to stop thinking, finding a reason or excuse and start doing! 

Sweatshirt & Skirt : Pimkie || Leather pumps : H&M || Pearl earring : Ebay 

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Made well

Hi! Finally getting a post together here..after long long time. One of the reason I haven't had time to blog, shoot, edit that I interned at Isabel Marant for the last six months. It was huge, funny, unique (I don't know if they use this word to describe an internship but it's really what I mean), full of experience and memories; absolutely the best internship ever! I will probably write a post about it soon. So stay tuned!!
For now, just enjoy my newest outfit post <3

SPRING! SPRING! SPRING!! I'm really excited for spring, mostly because it gives me a reason to wear less clothing and a little more colors. For a beautiful sunny sunday like this, I decided to give this bimba & lola coat a chance. I like mixing it with a ripped boyfriend jeans for a fun juxtaposition.

Coat : Bimba & Lola || Embroidered top : H&M || Jeans : Zara || Bag : 3.1 Phillip Lim || Sandals : Topshop || Sunglasses : Vintage Balenciaga

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Simple and Comfortable

Hello girls! Here is an outfit from last sunday wearing a pastel floral shirt and a light mint short (bought so long ago that I can't remember exactly where). Simple and comfy, which is perfect for a walking afternoon.

Anonymous shirt and short lol, Miumiu sunglasses, Balenciaga city bag, Vagabond shoes.

Friday, July 12, 2013

Summer !!!!

"Summer!!!!!!!!!" I can say it out loud, finally!!! Yes, finally a REAL summer here in Paris. La la la, you can't imagine how happy I am. It's the thirst summer I spent in Paris but the last two turned....not very well : it was raining almost every time. We were wearing jacket in July can you believe it? And what we always had in our bag was an umbrella instead of sunglasses Y___Y But thank God history is not coming back (at least until now :p ).

Have a lovely day!!! xoxo

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Madeleine walk

Hello everyone!!!! Long time no see but I am back now (after two loooong months). Yes, I know I'm such a bad bad blogger. But I promise I'll keep the blog updated from now on. Here's some photos we took at Madeleine this afternoon after watching Man of Steel. My boy wanted so bad to see it, so we went see it, even if it's not my kind of movies. And you? What have you done this weekend? I hope you all have had a beautiful, interesting weekend !!! Paris' sky is so grey and I can't stop asking when will Summer come :"[

I was wearing N&M shirt (a vietnamese brand), Zara lace short, Mango blazer, metallic shoes (that I bought at So Hot boutique in Hanoi - my favorite shop ever), vintage hat, Zara bag and my boyfriend's sunglasses.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Hello Vietnam ✰

Big Hello from Vietnam everyone!! Last monday, while looking for tickets and hotels to travel in Europe with my friends, as it was last minute, everything was so expensive (about 300euros/person at least), so I was wondering how much a round ticket to VN could be, so I checked and found a real cheap ticket (only 700euros!!!). And voila`, here I am in Hanoi 4 days later :)

There are some photos (sorry for the bad quality) I took the first day back to Hanoi. It was a little cold and it might be the last chance to wear this Zara floral blazer until september, I paired it with my sister's boyfriend jeans, Zara transparent clutch, Bershka mirror pumps and some random rings.

Hope you like the outfit. have a lovely day everyone wherever you are on Earth!

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